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Full name

Zach "ESIC" Howard




Los Angeles, CA


Zach Howard is an artist based in Denver, known for his colorful illustrative acrylic paintings, large public murals and technical drawings and design. He grew up in Colorado, moving around a lot with his mother, a talented artist and his father, who both ran a home made t-shirt company. Surrounded by art through his childhood he was able to start at a young age and has continued to draw, and paint throughout his life. He mainly works with acrylics in large canvas or wood for his fine art. For Illustration he uses a more technical drawing pencil, pens, and ink washes, in connect with the digital aspect of design including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel. Also, Zach produces large scale outdoor murals in his unique, colorful and expressive style using only spray paint and rollers. His indoor murals are a mix of non-toxic spray paint, rollers, and brushes.
He has studied at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and the Art Institute of Colorado. He is a published children’s book illustrator, was a senior artist at the largest t-shirt company in the nation, Hybrid apparel from 2005 to 2014. He is one of the founders and Creative Director for Fresh Ink Clothing. Was a member of the Art Exchange in Long Beach where he ran a gallery called The Rogues Gallery.


Senior Artist

Hybrid Apparel

Cypress, CA · 07/08 – 08/14

Worked with art directors to create t-shirt designs that met the needs of the client and brand. I worked with a team of artists, creating trend boards and design ideas.


Illustration, character design, storyboarding, cadding, art direction, painting